Probably the most unaware / intractable member of and the inept and transmundane creator of the Freethought & Rationalism Wiki, Mindsword is actually a troll. He has contributed with insignificant threads such as I <3 Pseudoscience, Brains vs. Robots, and its ever so unusual sequel: robots with rat brains pt2.

Althought meeting opposition from various well-meaning and kind individuals, he has in the midst of confusion and severe teenage angst kept a firm stance, distorting the facts of the modern scientific community with uncritical intelligence, occult symbology and illogic, thereby gaining a huge mass of snickering detractors often referring to him as "The Mistaker", "The Sleeping One", The Weirdest of the Poe", "The Unknowing Fool" and "th3 b1gg3st 1nt3rn3t l0s3r".

Oh, how we all owe this man for his unintentional humor.

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