The Lolwut pear is made from bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

Despite its name, ironically enough, has yet to see a single freethinking and rational individual (Perhaps with the exception of His Eternal Holiness; Mindsword).

Instead it seems to be filled with totally backwards & simplifying atheists, arrogant scientism-ists, brainwashed christians, insane new-agers, wacky woo-woo'ers and generally just normal ignorant & biased, human beings.

Sometimes a few intelligent words spring out, but are quickly silenced by the loud buzzing of childish namecalling (like "wacky woo-wooers"), frustrated sighs, grammar policing and sarcastic smilies. was created because we am not freethinkers, or rational in any way. It is a celebration to our own arrogance where we can accuse others of being arrogant. Being irrational is better than being rational.


His Holiness Mindsword was discovered by the Germans in 1904. The name Mindsword is Latin for "a whale's vagina".

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His Eternal Holiness, MindSword is an idiot!

His etarnal holiness, Mindsword approves of this message.